Bold Approach

The 1-source-solution to all your shipping needs

We developed Bold 3PL to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all your shipping needs under one roof. Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible.

  • UPS, FedEx, LTL, truck, containers.
  • Our central location will reduce your freight costs.
  • Bold’s TMS freight system will shop each truck or LTL shipment and you can pick the carrier and price you prefer.
  • A bonus: Hutchinson is a duty free zone. Imported containers are received in Wichita. No duties are paid until the product is shipped out of Hutchinson.

Bold 3PL's Central Location...

Communications with no limitations

Your 1-Source Solution for All Your Shipping Needs

  • Automatic emails are sent for all items shipped. You determine who you want notified and what information you would like shown.
  • We can also handle your literature fulfillment. Each recipient on your list will receive an email notifying them of the literature shipment, expected arrival, and UPS tracking numbers. The same info can be sent to anyone on your team. (To save shipping costs, we have the capability to produce your monthly sales literature here in Hutchinson. We presently ship 1,200 SC stores and SSCs all their monthly literature.)
  • Another Bold service is storing, shipping, and replenishing show skids. Again, we can notify whoever you’d like with whatever info.

The Bold Approach to Customer Service

Other Bold Services

  • We say we’re 24/7/365, and we mean it.
  • You will be given cell phone numbers for all Bold management and department heads. Any time you need anything, you’ll know how to find us!

Other Bold services:

  • Stock protection — setting up inventories to be pulled per your criteria.
  • Reverse logistics — processing all your returns if you prefer.

All that… and we still promise the lowest price!

  • As a reward to the quality beauty customers we are seeking to add, we will guarantee in writing a minimum of 20% savings first year. (Just email us your present 3PL costs.)
  • We anticipate your savings with Bold will actually be much greater than the 20%!